Nilfisk-Advance has gained uniform market insight in 18 countries so far

Nilfisk-Advance has automated and streamlined its insight processes in 18 countries – and continuously receives performance figures for a number of important touchpoints – all designed via the Catglobe software which handles the related processes automatically.

Today, all sales representatives, sales managers, country managers, region managers and vice presidents up to the CEO level have access to relevant performance reports based on valid market feedback. Each manager receives an individualised PowerPoint report which is generated automatically and accurately addresses that manager’s primary action points.

In the past, the country manager for each country would often be left with the job of collecting market intelligence. As a result, the steps taken would often vary quite a lot from one market to the next, and the communication between different organisational units would be inefficient, requiring people to spend more time trying to convince each other and the parent organisation about which issues to prioritise.

However, the Catglobe software has created a new, positive, uniform momentum where everybody is on the same page, acting on the basis of customers’ real expectations on the market. All market intelligence is collected in real time all over the world, which means that Nilfisk-Advance, a large organisation with many touchpoints and a large product range – and an even larger spare parts catalogue – can currently run its business based on a uniform, up-to-date picture which isolates points of diversity – all in real time – for all 18 markets.

Consequently, Nilfisk can act more flexibly and accurately in launching any new steps – Worldwide.